Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering


Course Overview

Course Outline
  • Electronics Components & Materials
  • Principles Of Communication Engg.
  • Digital Electronics
  • Computer Programming & Application
  • Electronic Devices & Circuits
  • Electrical Machines
  • Generic Skills & E.ship Development
  • Network Filters & Transmissions Lines
  • Communication System-i
  • Electronic Instruments & Measurements
  • Microprocessor
  • Power Electronics
  • Minor Project (fab. Technique Using Cad)
  • Communication System-ii
  • Instrumentation & Plcs
  • Micro Controllers & Embedded System
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Industrial Training
  • Trouble Shooting Of Electronic Equipment
  • PC Organization
  • Microwave & Radar Engg.
  • Basic Of Management
  • Major Project
  • Medical Electronics
  • Wireless & Mobile Communication
  • Computer Networks

The term denotes a broad engineering field that covers important subfields such as analog electronics, digital electronics, consumer electronics, embedded systems and power electronics. Electronics engineering deals with implementation of applications, principles and algorithms developed within many related fields.


  • Electronics and communication engineering course give enormous job opportunities in electronics and software companies. All electronic devices need software interface to run and come with one other or other device controlling programs architected and developed by electronics and communication engineering. It also gives great opportunities for research and development, as everyday consumer need new devices to support them in daily life.

Job Avenues

  • Industries manufacturing Electronics and Communication Systems and other peripherals

  • Department of Telecommunication

  • BSNL

  • Railways

  • Electricity Boards

  • Commercial Organizations offering services in repair and maintainance of electronics and components etc.